On April 23, Lovelyz held a press showcase ahead of their upcoming album release.

When asked about goals for their comeback, Baby Soul responded, “We have placed first on a cable [music show], but our goal is to also place first on [the music show of] a major broadcasting station. We really want to as we never have before.”

On chart results and the level of success of their past releases, she commented, “To be honest, we don’t think too much of results. We did when we first debuted, but as time passes, even if the results aren’t great, we just focus on our work.”

Soojung also shared when asked what sets them apart from other groups, “I think we are a group where we can showcase eight different charms from the vocals of each member. We can sing acapella with each other, and for each album, we practice and study how we can showcase our vocals. As we are always putting in effort, we think that one day, many people will come to know of our efforts and listen [to our music].”

Lovelyz’s new mini album “Heal” is set to be released on April 23 at 6 p.m. KST.

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