Lovelyz‘s maknae Yein spoke up about the events that led to her becoming an idol!

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In an interview, Yein was asked how she managed to debut. She then revealed that ever since she was little, she always enjoyed dancing. As she loves dancing, she always wanted to become a dancer, but an injury caused her plans to be put on hold for a while.

I think I was pretty lucky with my debut. I was a girl who loved to sing and dance, but had never really considered entering showbiz. Even back in middle or high school, I just focused on dance. I wanted to become a contemporary dancer and was a passionate student, but I twisted my ankle severely and I had to stop dancing for a long while.


She then revealed that the injury was so severe that she couldn’t dance for the longest time, and it crushed her.

It twisted so severely that I ruptured my ligaments. They told me I should rest for longer if I were to receive surgery, and if I were to let it heal naturally without surgery, I should still rest for about 6 months with a full leg cast. That was crushing news for me.


But even in a situation like that, there was a silver lining! As she was forbidden from dancing, she picked up singing instead, and was recommended for a Woollim Entertainment audition soon after! Yein ultimately ended up signing with the agency as a trainee, and 4 short months later, made her debut as the lead dancer and maknae of Lovelyz!

After I injured my ankle like that, I couldn’t go to school or dance, so I was so depressed. And since I liked to sing, I decided to learn how to sing. So I started getting 30-minute lessons once a week, really hobby-level. And I heard from the singing academy that Woollim was holding auditions, and they told me to audition for it! So I was like, “Okay!” and went in for the auditions, and ended up signing a contract as a trainee.

After becoming a trainee, they told me I was going to make my debut so I was really grateful. I debuted really fast.


Even though it must have been a painful time for her, thanks to those events, fans can now see her shining on stage as Lovelyz’s Yein!

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You can watch her talk about her pre-debut injury here, from the 1:30 mark onwards!