Lovelyz’s Jisoo received a very special gift from her fan!

Lovelyz held a fan sign event on April 28 for the release of their fourth mini album “Heal.” On this day, one fan gave Jisoo an Infinity Gauntlet glove, the weapon that appears on the latest Marvel film “Avengers: Infinity War.” Possessing impressive powers, the Gauntlet is known to be used by the movie’s supervillain Thanos.

Jisoo is famous among fans for being a huge Marvel fan herself. When she received the gift, she was pleasantly surprised and immediately tried it on her arm. Jisoo even showed off her best ‘villain look’ for fans with the Gauntlet.

Lovelyz recently made a comeback with the mini album “Heal,” taking their first win with the title track “That Day” on May 1.

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