Hyungdon & Daejun (Jung Hyung Don and Defconn) will be releasing a new collaboration track with Lovelyz’s Kei!

On February 18, Jung Hyung Don and Defconn gave a spoiler during a live broadcast on their personal YouTube channel about recording a new track with Lovelyz’s Kei.

A source from Woolim Entertainment stated on February 19, “It is correct that Kei will be featuring in Hyungdon & Daejun’s album. Thankfully, they suggested it to us, so she ended up participating. She is planning to record the song today.”

After having met last December on KBS2’s “Music Bank” as the MC and guest when the duo was promoting “Secret Love Song,” they made a strong impression with the photo they took together. Hyungdon & Daejun also impressed the audience with their memorable performance. The three artists are expected to show off their unexpected chemistry through the new song.

Currently, Lovelyz has been busy with their solo concert, and Kei has been actively promoting on “Music Bank” as the MC.

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