Luna of girl group f(x) recently revealed during the filming of “Happy Birthday” that she has an identical twin sister.

Luna added, “Because I was a twin, my birth weight wasn’t even 1.5kg (3.3lbs). If it were a natural delivery I would have been the older twin, but because my sister was very weak, she was taken out first.” 

Luna continued and said, “Because we were identical twins, when we were born we were very similar, but as we grew, we both changed. People become very surprised when we say we’re twins nowadays.”

Luna first revealed her identity as a twin last month in an internet forum with a picture, but this is the first time that Luna spoke of her twin on television.

On a side note, it was also revealed that Luna’s family is very musical. Her father is a musical conductor, her mother a vocalist, and her twin is a vocal performance major as well.

Credit: Naver