f(x)‘s member Luna revealed in a recent broadcast of the radio show “Sunny’s FM Date” that she was successful in overcoming stage fright after appearing in “King of Masked Singer.”

On June 10, Luna was a special DJ for “Sunny’s FM Date” as the show’s DJ Sunny was away on a schedule in Thailand.

When a listener asked her the reasoning behind appearing on “King of Masked Singer,” she answered that she decided to go on the show to overcome her stage fright.

“Many people think it’s odd when I tell them I have stage fright, since I’m a singer,” she said. “But I still made mistakes on stage, even after practicing for 10 hours. I eventually started to fear going on stage.”

She continued, “So I thought, ‘it might help if I sing with a mask on.’ I didn’t go on the show with a goal of becoming the ‘King of Masked Singer.’ Of course, I thought it would be nice if I did become the King. But my goal was to try my best and sing the songs I’ve wanted to sing. So I’m thankful and touched that so many people were moved by my performances.”

Luna previously won two consecutive titles as the “King of Masked Singer” on the show, become the First and the Second King.

Luna will continue to be a special DJ on “Sunny’s FM Date” until June 12.

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