In the sophisticated pictorial style photo, Vibe members Yun Min Soo and Ryu Jae Hyun show attractive “top man” qualities with sensitive expressions whilst conveying intense feelings. The teaser photo was released officially through Music and New’s Twitter and Facebook with the headline, “Vibe 5th Album ‘Organic Sound’ May 2013 Coming….”

Fans replied excitedly to the teaser saying, “Hu’s dad, is this the first time seeing this side of you?” “I wonder, is this the concept for the new album?” “I never realized what handsome men they are!” Expectations are set high as the teaser was unveiled coinciding with the rising popularity of the MBC program, “Dad! Where Are We Going?” where Yun Min Soo showed audiences his tender and fatherly side to son, Hu.

As it’s been a long wait since the release of their last album “Vibe in Praha,” fans are awaiting the new album with hot anticipation.