On SBS Radio’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time” this past 10th, Lyn guested for the program ‘Summer Vacation, I need a Best Friend’ special, and gave a few words of advice to her close friend Hwanhee regarding his standards in women.

When asked if they have ever been jealous of each other’s significant others, Hwanhee responded, “To this day, I’ve never seen Lyn’s boyfriends. However, from being around Lyn, I can tell that she has been very good to her boyfriends in the past, but they didn’t give the same in return, so it’s been difficult to watch that as a friend.” 

In contrast to Hwanhee’s response, Lyn frankly stated, “I think when Hwanhee looks at a woman, he considers her looks to be very important. I wish he would start caring about a woman’s heart and not just her looks.” 

Even after Lyn answered very truthfully, the friendship between the two friends remained the same. Hwanhee responded, “Lyn is a really great friend. I’m always grateful that I have a friend who I can pour out my thoughts to whenever I have something troubling me.” 

To this, many listeners responded with comments along the lines of, “The two of you to seem to match each other really well. How about lovers and not just friends?” and suggested the two as a couple.

On this day, Hwanhee performed his newest song “I Feel Like I’m Going to Die.” Check out the live performance below!

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Source: Nate