Hip-hop group M.I.B will be touring Japan even before their official debut!

Starting in September, M.I.B will hit the cities of Osaka (11), Nagoya (14), and Tokyo (15) in a solo concert tour titled “Keep Going,” an impressive feat for a group that has not even released an official album in Japan yet. 

Previously on June 24, M.I. B packed the house with fans and industry reps at the Tokyo Astro Hall for their showcase/concert event. A source from the concert production team stated, “The pre-sale tickets were sold out as soon as we opened the official site and started taking orders. M.I.B is drawing interest from Japanese Hallyu fans for their unique style as a hip-hop based K-Pop idol group. At this rate, a country-wide tour by the end of the year is a high possibility .”

Wishing much success for M.I.B in Japan!