K-Pop idols are constantly going through new trends, especially when it comes to something like hairstyles. Recently, we’ve seen in influx of magical, sparkly accessories grace the heads of many idols and we are living for the results.

1. Barrettes

A way to add some sparkle into your look is stacking a bunch of barrettes on the side of your head. Choose a monochromatic look or rainbow and combine a bunch of different colors… the choice is yours!

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Another super trendy version of this look includes using barrettes that have words spelled out. This could be your bias’ name, an edgy phrase, or even a cuss word. We don’t judge.

Hwasa twit clips

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2. Claw Clips

Any 90s kids will remember these colorful claw clips from their childhood, and who knew we could bring them back to create such a mystical look?

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They can even be added into pigtails, space buns, or just about any ideas you might have.

D0zv8KDWwAYZyn6 sunmi-noir

3. Get SPARKLY ✨

There are tons of creative ways to glisten to the Gods. From adding gemstones into your hair…

to channeling your inner goddess for the hair tinsel trend…

…to just straight up covering your head in glitter. Even men can pull it off, as Minhyuk proves!

4. Subtle Florals

We’re not talking about gaudy flower crowns here. Think small, dainty flowers to accentuate the whimsical woodland fairy within you.


Red Velvet Yeri Flower Hair

5. D.I.Y

Being a trendsetter might be the most fun of all, which is why we turn to people like Lisa!


At a closer look, we realize her accessories are actually colored paper clips. Genius, weird, or adorable? Maybe all of the above.

unnamed (1)