On the February 10 broadcast of MBC’s “The King of Mask Singer,” the identity of Young Master was revealed!

This episode was a continuation of last week’s Lunar New Year special that showcased various idol groups’ main vocalists competing with their vocal talents.

The first round had Young Master and City Magpie battling it out with “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen.

After competing as a duo, the masked singers were able to sing solo songs. Young Master sang YB’s “Peppermint Candy, while City Magpie brought a different mood to the set by choosing “365 Days” by Ali.

Young Master was able to move on to the second round and compete against Klimt. Klimt performed “Defying Gravity” from the musical “Wicked,” while Young Master performed Hyukoh’s “Tomboy,” his light voice earning him the admiration of the panelists.


Unfortunately, Klimt took the lead in the second round with 52 votes to Young Master’s 47.

Following his defeat, it was revealed that Young Master was PENTAGON’s Jinho. After revealing his identity, Jinho commented, “I really enjoy singing. I always release a vocal cover once a month, and whenever I go on radio broadcasts, if there’s an opportunity to sing, I always ask for it. But I’ve used up my special moves, so I’ve been putting in effort into making new ones.”

He then continued, “Although I’m the main vocalist, as [PENTAGON] has nine members, my grandmother had trouble finding me. I haven’t appeared on a television program by myself before. Now I can show her when I go visit her.

Jinho finally commented, “I’ve never done a rock song before. I think rock is a genre that squeezes hearts. I took on the challenge, and I’m thankful that so many people liked it.”

After the broadcast, PENTAGON’s official Twitter posted a photo of Jinho with a caption that read, “UNIVERSE! Shall we light up this Sunday night with Jinho? Make some noise!”

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