T-ara successfully finished their showcase in Malaysia. T-ara left for Malaysia on October 2. When they got there, despite the late hours, a large group of fans were waiting for T-ara at the airport. As a result, members of T-ara were trapped at the airport for approximately half an hour until the airport security helped them find their way out.

The showcase in Malaysia was initially known to have sold out all of  4,300 tickets, but it later turned out that total of 5,300 fans gathered to see their favorite K-Pop idol. Many fans camped out in front of T-ara’s hotel throughout their stay in Malaysia until October 4, when T-ara left for Thailand for “M! Countdown”s special concert. After their stage on “M! Countdown,” T-ara will be coming back to Korea on October 5 at 7 am. 

T-ara is expanding their promotion throughout Asia. They started with Japan, Hong Kong, and Malaysia so far and are planning on visiting Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia in the near future. In the second half of 2013, they will be switching over to holding concerts in these different countries instead of showcases.