MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa appeared on the Cultwo Show where she talked about her dating style and her upcoming solo comeback.

hwasa dating style 1


Hwasa confessed that she’s assertive when she’s attracted to someone. She also revealed that she was never able to play games while dating.

hwasa dating style 2

I’m the type to let me attraction known really well. I pour my whole heart out.

I never play games. I’m a straight-forward and honest type so I can’t play games.

— Hwasa


Hwasa also gave a small spoiler that she’s working on her next solo comeback! She’s “working really hard to prepare” for it and even jokingly claimed that her next album may feature another curse word again.

hwasa dating style 3


Let’s listen to her solo debut track, “Twit”, while we await the return of a queen!