GUCCI presents ‘Reservation for One’ in collaboration with Vogue, starring various Korean celebrities including MAMAMOO’s Hwasa.

| Vogue Korea

She is portrayed alongside Alessandro Michele’s latest archival reimagining of the GUCCI Jackie 1961 bag, “a bag that transcends eras, style and gender.”

| Vogue Korea

What exactly makes Hwasa one of the best fits for GUCCI? The brand describes itself as “influential, innovative and progressive,” keywords that could synonymously represent Hwasa.

In a way, Hwasa might be the artist who suits GUCCI the best. Because a character who is as confident and has their own clear color like her is rare.

— Vogue Korea


| Vogue Korea

Hwasa’s ability to transform also makes her a good candidate. On stage, she’s bold and charismatic. Her fierce persona is complimented by her equally striking makeup and fashion.

| @_mariahwasa/Instagram

However, in other contexts like variety shows, we can see Hwasa’s easy-going side to her personality where she’s a down-to-earth and sweet person.

Like how an actor acts out a different character, along with the Jackie 1961 bag, she perfectly made the GUCCI look into her own style.

— Vogue Korea


Fans are proud of Hwasa and showing their enthusiasm for a collaboration that’s representative of her as an artist.

With so much already accomplished, there are no limits to what else Hwasa can achieve by the end of the year!