MAMAMOO has set a new record on the show I Can See Your Voice by correctly making three guesses across their various appearances on the show.

| Mnet/YouTube

In the show, the guest artist is presented with a group of six “mystery singers.” Out of the line-up, some of them are bad singers, and some are good. It is up to the artist to eliminate bad singers and guess who can really sing. Whoever wins at the end of the show gets to duet with the guest artist.

The show is known for being very difficult. MAMAMOO appeared in both series five and six of the show and successfully picked the “talented singers.”

The members were guests on the March 26 episode of season 8 and continued to showcase their skills for spotting talent! The group started off rough making a few incorrect guesses throughout the program. In the end, when picking contestant number six as their final winner, they had succeeded in identifying that the sound engineer could sing very well!

Like all winners, they dueted with the winner with a rendition of their 2020 song “Dingga.”