MAMAMOO held a press conference for the release of their eighth mini album “BLUE;S” on November 29, where the members shared stories from their experience filming their music video.

The music video for MAMAMOO’s new title track “Wind Flower” was filmed in Hong Kong. Hwasa said, “When people think of Hong Kong, they think of this shining city full of sights and sounds, but I personally believe that such a flashy image brings out the feeling of bitter loneliness even more. In the music video, we represent the different emotions a person feels after a breakup, and the four of us each represent regretting, reminiscing, feeling conflicted, and overcoming.”

The members also shared fun behind-the-scenes stories from their experience. Solar said, “The things we did in Hong Kong are so fresh in my mind. In the last scene of the music video, we’re having a party with drinks. There are lots of bottles of expensive alcoholic drinks around us, but they were actually filled with Oolong tea. I remember feeling very full afterwards.”

Moonbyul added, “Solar isn’t good at holding down her drinks, but she had to act like she can in the music video. She did such a great job that for a moment, I really thought she actually had a few drinks.”

MAMAMOO released their new album “BLUE;S” and title track “Wind Flower” on November 29 at 6 p.m. KST. Don’t forget to check out their music video!

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