MAMAMOO‘s Solar tried an ASMR mukbang, or eating show, for the first time on her YouTube channel Solarsido.

| @solarkeem/Instagram

However, there was one twist — It was strictly chocolate treats only! She tried all sorts of gooey delicacies.

Anything containing chocolate was fair game. She tasted a little bit of everything including chocolate-coated Pepero sticks…

…and didn’t forget to wash it all down with some chocolate milk.

Breaking your chocolate spoon in a full jar of Nutella sounds like the best unfortunate circumstance ever.

If your stomach isn’t rumbling by now, she got a close-up of all her snacks, including a chocolate croissant dunked in frosting.

For all the foodies out there, this might be your dream dessert.

Check out her full eating show below…and try not to get too jealous!