Super rookie group MAMAMOO is back with their second mini-album “Pink Funky” after last releasing their single “AHH! OOP!” as a special collaboration with singer-songwriter eSNa.

The group released the music video for their title track “Um Oh Ah Yeh” featuring three of the members cross-dressing. Displaying improved musical skills, the members have been revealed to have worked on writing lyrics and composing their latest single.

Having always shown off fresh and funky concepts in the past, the group definitely doesn’t disappoint with their latest music video. On top of the cross-dressing, special makeup was utilized in order to make the transformations more realistic. Apparently, the transformation took over three hours to complete.

Another special aspect of the music video is former “Superstar K” contestant Park Bo Ram’s cameo. Her cameo, which occurs near the end of the video, involves an important twist in the plot.

Check out the video for yourself below!

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