On November 29, MAMAMOO held a showcase to commemorate the release of their latest mini album “BLUE;S.”

When asked if she felt any pressure for this comeback, Hwasa said, “We put out three albums in one year and the first two got a lot of love, so this year has been amazing. I think that’s why we didn’t feel that much pressure this time around. We got to this point not by being too hard on ourselves but by letting ourselves go and charging forward. That’s how we were able to comfortably focus on the emotions and production of our music.”

Solar also said later, “We always said that our goal was ‘getting No. 1’ in the past. That’s still our goal now, but we can see the bigger picture. There are a lot of songs that we’ve put out that didn’t enter the rankings or get No. 1. I think that it’s good if people can remember our album even after a lot of time has passed.”

MAMAMOO also responded to questions about their fanclub’s official boycott and the postponement of their December concert. Earlier this month, MAMAMOO fans asked their agency to postpone the concert because they were concerned about the members’ busy schedules and their health. When RBW initially rejected the request, the fan union led an official boycott of the concert and related merchandise until RBW agreed to a fan vote on the issue.

Moonbyul said, “The fans were really worried about us. We felt anew the love that MOOMOO [fanclub name] gives to us. I thought that we needed to communicate with our fans more often and work harder at showing them a good image.”

Solar said, “It’s true that it feels like we’ve been busy nonstop this year. It would be a lie to say that it’s not tiring, but even though our bodies are tired, we feel like we’ve matured a lot musically since last year. [‘Four Seasons Four Colors’] been a good project for us. A lot of people are concerned that we’re too busy, but we know how to take breaks even when we seem really busy. We work hard and play hard.”

MAMAMOO released their album “BLUE;S” and the music video for “Wind Flower” on November 29.

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