MAMAMOO‘s Wheein and Hwasa recently appeared on KBS‘s Come Back Home where Wheein shared her past struggles with food and dieting.


Wheein and Hwasa have been best friends since they were 10 years old, and as such, they reminisced about many good memories they shared together as trainees.


In particular, the two besties remembered a cheese soft tofu stew restaurant they used to frequent as trainees.


When the hosts asked how much it cost during her struggling days as a trainee, Wheein confessed that she doesn’t know because paid with her company card.


But she then went on to share that her agency gave her a hard time about it as a result.

I used my company card to eat out, and as a result, my agency called me a pig.

— Wheein


Being an idol trainee, this led Wheein to work out and then cry on her way home.

I did 3000 rounds of skipping rope while looking at the big clock at the gym. Once I was done, I was so exhausted that I cried on my way home.

— Wheein

She may be able to own her body with confidence now, but it mustn’t have been easy as a trainee.


Wheein and Hwasa were the first guests of the new KBS reality program, Come Back Home, which shows stars returning to their hometowns to cheer on youth in their efforts to achieve their dreams.