MAMAMOO brings down the house with a stellar performance on this week’s episode of “Immortal Song”!

April 30’s episode of “Immortal Song” features covers of tracks by legendary singer Yoon Soo Il. MAMAMOO goes up against performers Bae Da Hae, Kangnam, Clazziquai, Kim Jong Seo and Hong Kyung Min, Lim Jung Hee, and Rose Motel for the win.


MAMAMOO puts on an amazing show for the audience as they perform Yoon Soo Il’s “Blissful Confession.” They pull off flawless harmonies, dance the tango, show off their famed vocal talents, and get everyone cheering for their unstoppable energy on stage.

Watch the performance here!

MAMAMOO ends up taking the win in this episode with 433 points.

See more of MAMAMOO and the other contestants in April 30’s episode of “Immortal Song.”

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