MAMAMOO’s Solar has started her very own YouTube channel, solarsido!

On February 16, the idol uploaded her first video and briefly introduced what her aim for the channel is. The name “solarsido” is both a play on the solfège system (from which Solar’s stage name was derived), as well as the combination of “Solar” and “attempt or challenge” in Korean.

Acting as a teaser, the clip features several people, including Solar and her fellow MAMAMOO members, chanting what appears to be the new channel’s jingle, and the date February 21.

Along with the video, Solar wrote, “Finally! I have opened my solarsido channel!…There were many people who asked me if I was really starting YouTube because I wasn’t able to follow up after I said I would a few weeks ago. However, it took a while because I was attentively preparing more and also because I wanted to choose a rather meaningful day [to open my channel]. Thank you very much for waiting so long.

“To get to the point! ‘solarsido’ is a channel that will feature me, Solar, taking on new challenges! I will work hard to create a channel that will bring a smile to many people’s faces through my little, perhaps even heroic!? attempts, so please enjoy! New [content] creator Solar’s challenges! I ask for your continual support. Thank you!”

Check out the full video below!