During Henry‘s newest YouTube video, “Henry Throws A Holiday Party for MAMAMOO’s Solar,” Solar shared how she became a huge fan of BoA.

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The topic came into play when Solar shared her recent playlist with Henry. Following the listening of a few songs, Henry asked Solar what other songs she liked. It was then that Solar discussed her love for sunbae (senior), BoA.

I really like our senior BoA. I was a fan since I was young, and listened to her song a lot. Out of them…I listened to ‘Garden In The Air’ a lot. When that song came out, I think I saw an interview when I was young that I wanted to try a new genre a new vibe. So when I first heard it, ‘wow this is totally fresh.’

— Solar

Following her confession, Solar and Henry listened to BoA’s “Garden In The Air.” During the listening session, Henry asked Solar if she “practice a lot listening to BoA nuna (older sister). Solar confessed and said “yeah totally a lot! I wanted to be so much like her.

Of course, Henry put Solar’s admiration of BoA to the test and pulled out a microphone for Solar to sing along to the song.

Without a doubt, Solar and her amazing vocals crushed it. Henry took notice of Solar’s talent and complimented her: “wow! You’re singing is so sturdy. You’re like a singing machine. I knew you were good but WOW!

Could there be a possible BoA and Solar collaboration coming soon? After seeing this video, fans are hoping there will be! Fans are also hoping for a Henry and Solar collaboration as their chemistry was great and natural. Many acknowledged this in the comments.

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