A man was arrested after breaking into the SM Entertainment building.

In the early hours of September 23, police were called to the SM Entertainment building located in Gangnam, Seoul. At approximately midnight KST, a man is said to have broken into the building by shattering a glass door in the basement. Afterwards, he used the emergency stairs to move around the facility, until he found the entrance to the seventh floor unlocked.

Around 30 police officers and firefighters were called on scene as the man resisted arrest by blocking the entrance to the seventh floor. He was arrested after a standoff with the police that lasted approximately one hour. Luckily, the building was mostly empty when the break-in occurred as it was late at night on a holiday, so there were no injuries reported.

The police have booked the man with charges including trespassing, and they are currently looking into the situation. According to a source from the police department tasked with the investigation, the man suffers from a mental disorder and claimed that he had heard voices of singers calling for him to enter the building.

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