Co-stars Chun Jung Myung and Park Min Young of the upcoming KBS drama “Man of Honor” will have something other than their characters to chat about when they begin filming: SNSD.  Earlier in the week, the two actors were reported to have remarked on the same girl group in two separate occasions.

Chun was a guest DJ on SBS Power FM’s “Old School Radio” on August 16th.  Along with Mighty Mouth, he filled in for DJ Kim Chang Ryul, who is temporarily away.  During an exchange of questions and answers, the “Cinderella’s Sister” and “The Duo” star confessed that he liked SNSD out of all girl groups.

He also showed his fondness for girl groups in general when he said, “I’d be a radio DJ if it was with a girl group, no questions asked.”  He earlier stated that he was not confident of hosting a radio program if he was on his own.

“City Hunter” lead actress Park Min Young meanwhile spoke of her friendship with SNSD’s Jessica on a recent appearance on “enews.”  Though she was busy shooting her drama then, Park attended the SNSD concert in Seoul in July.  She was not able to stay and enjoy the whole show, but she dropped in to support her close friend.

“I have been friends with Jessica since before she debuted,” Park said.  They met through a common friend when the actress was in college and the singer was in middle school.  It took them a while to warm up because Park confessed of being introverted, but they are very comfortable now.

Chun and Park are set to begin shooting for “Man of Honor” in September, in anticipation of the drama’s premiere over KBS in October.  SNSD, currently busy with overseas activities, has announced the release in September of their Korean comeback album.