Jellyfish Entertainment trainee and Produce X 101 contestant Kim Mingyu has always been one of the top trainees and has shown steady improvements through the past episodes. Still, the trainee received much backlash from viewers who say his skills do not match his current rank.

kim mingyu3

He has been trying to improve and work harder so that his skills will improve. During the last episode of the show, Kim Mingyu was kicked out of the “Pretty Pretty” team and forced to join “Monday to Sunday” team.

In his diary, Mingyu wrote,

I got kicked out. Honestly, I had a hard time dealing with it, so I pretended that everything was fine. But I really hated it. It didn’t sit well with me at all.

kim mingyu1

In another entry, he said,

“I’m starting to find this difficult and I’m getting really tired. I hate my confidence. I just want to disappear.

kim mingyu2

Many netizens and National Producers are worried for him, with many noting that his confidence has plummeted and his ambition have decreased. Some have stated that he isn’t their pick but they still pity him, saying that he tries so hard but isn’t getting the results he wants.

kim mingyu4

People are hoping that he continues to work hard and get the results he wants. Fans continue to cheer him on and hope that he returns back to his once joyful self.