The martial arts director for JTBC’s upcoming drama “Sketch” has nothing but praise for lead actor Rain.

“Sketch” is a mystery action drama that centers around a pair of detectives who attempt to change the predetermined future in hopes of saving lives and preventing crime. Rain stars as skilled detective Kang Dong Soo, who works with Yoo Shi Hyun (Lee Sun Bin), a detective with a psychic ability that enables her to foresee events 72 hours into the future through her sketches.

In order to fully pull off his character, Rain completed most of his action scenes without a body double. Rain’s dedication to becoming Kang Dong Soo is a strong reason to look forward to “Sketch.” Martial arts director Lee Byung Joon, who oversees the action scenes for the drama, praised Rain, saying, “Rain was born to be an action star. You have to learn and recognize the rhythm, and he is a natural. He already has the basic steps for action moves down, so the action scenes are easy for him.”

The director continued, “With actors who find action scenes challenging, it’s difficult for their co-stars and the staff. However, since Rain is such a veteran, he pulls them off with ease. There’s a scene at a dock by the water in the first episode, and in one take, he filmed enough footage that we originally thought would take a few days to film. After rehearsing briefly on set, he was able to get the okay in just two takes, much to the surprise of the staff. ”

This particular scene was revealed to have been filmed at the end of March, right when filming for “Sketch” started. Rain is said to have pulled off his action scenes effortlessly right from the beginning. As these action scenes are pivotal to “Sketch,” many are looking forward to Rain’s scenes with co-star Lee Dong Gun, who plays special forces sergeant Kim Do Jin.

“Sketch” will premiere on May 25 at 11 p.m. KST.

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