There’s no escaping “Gangnam Style.” From the UN Secretary General to Hugh Jackman, it seems like the world is running out of people who have not been caught up in the craze. Internet darling and baby actor Mason Moon is no exception.

Photos of Mason Moon, also known as Jang Geun Suk’s son” or “Baby Nichkun, looking adorable and dancing to “Gangnam Style” have recently been uploaded. Looking quite fashionable with blue glasses, Mason grins and holds out his hands in the familiar dance move for the camera.

The photo captions have the lines from the song, “Let’s go all the way” and “Oppan Gangnam style.” A few lines of gibberish make one wonder if Mason himself typed it up. Right above the last picture of him peering up at the camera with that sleepy look of his is the caption, “Uncle PSY, are you watching?” The photo set ends with the announcement, “Mason also likes Gangnam Style.”