On July 30, SBS released four new posters for the upcoming horror rom-com drama “Master’s Sun” featuring the two main actors, So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin.

In their individual cuts, both So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin are in a dark and eerie room, holding up a single white lily. So Ji Sub’s lily glows and emits a mysterious white light, which links to the light in Gong Hyo Jin’s hand. In the couple cut, the two actors are posed close together, holding a cross with a stained glass background. The final cut shows Gong Hyo Jin leading So Ji Sub up a flight of stairs with ghostly hands reaching up toward them from below.

Sources from the drama commented, “These four main posters show the special and unique colors of ‘Master’s Sun,’ which is Korea’s first rom-com horror drama,” and “Please look forward to the drama, which will make everyone laugh, scared and sad.”

“Master’s Sun” will air after “I Hear Your Voice” ends on August 7.

masters sun official poster 1

masters sun official poster 2

masters sun official poster 3