On August 10th, DBSK’s Max Changmin, Super Junior’s Cho Kyuhyun and f(x)’s Amber Liu attended the last performance of Lee Sungmin in the musical “Jack the Ripper”. They were spotted at the Chungmu Art Hall while they were waiting to get into the main theater but what caught the attention of the fans standing nearby was that Kyuhyun and Changmin seem to have a never ending friendship.

They were together while waiting, they sat together while watching Sungmin’s performance and they were also together when they went backstage to congratulate the performers. After the show ended, Kyuhyun and Changmin left the Art Hall together while being surrounded by curious and happy fans who were taking their pictures.

On the other hand, while being on backstage, Kyuhyun appeared together with Sungmin and Kim Publae in a picture which he later uploaded to his personal twitter. Moments before the picture with Kyuhyun, he also shared a picture with Sungmin and another cast actor, saying: “Our maknae Sungminie last performance! Fighting!!!”.

The actor also sent a tweet to Kyuhyun showing the gift that Sungmin gave him before the show. He wrote: “Maknae Daniel Sungmin gave me this allbum as a present haha. He packed it carefully, our maknae!! Today show fighting!!!”. And he uploaded two pictures of the album.

Source: Kim Publae’s twitter and thanks to minmin725 and @sneezeskyuhyun for the pictures