A photograph of child actress Kim Yoo Jung enjoying the fresh air on the sea shore and jumping in the air with a bright smile on her face has been publicized.

On August 19, child actress Kim Yoo Jung posted the photograph on her Twitter account along with the following words: “Next week is the Ulsan shooting, but they say a lot of rain will come.  Everyone watched the first episode with interest.  As “May Queen” goes on, it will get more interesting, so, please have a lot of expectations.  “May Queen” is broadcasted at 9:55 p.m.~  “May Queen” fighting!”

Kim Yoo Jung stunned audiences with her elegant and winsome beauty, despite her youth, in her turn as the young Yeon Woo, King Hwon’s first and unforgettable love, in the wildly popular MBC drama “The Moon That Embraces the Sun” which starred actor Kim Soo Hyun, actress Han Ga In, actor Jung Il Woo, and actress Kim Min Seo.  Kim Yoo Jung, along with her fellow child actors, played her role so well that viewers were sad to see her, and the other child actors, go and Han Ga In felt the pressure to live up to the young child actress’s performance.

Kim Yoo Jung is currently starring as the young Hae Joo in new MBC weekend drama “May Queen”; the adult Hae Joo will be played by actress Han Ji Hye.  Hae Joo is the missing daughter of the wife of the ruthless president of the Chun Ji Group; as a baby, she was ordered to be killed, but a weak-hearted servant instead stole her away and gave her to another family so that she might live under a new and unknown identity.