The actress/singer Maybee has always an innocent image but through a recent Maxim photo shoot she has now shown her sexy side.

A Maxim representative stated, “For the first time since her debut Maybee has tried out a sexy photo shoot, her innocent and mysterious image meshed in well with the sexy concept of the photo shoot. The photo shoot went on for nearly 6 hours but she never lost her smile, and she perfectly assimilated the clothes that she was wearing.”

Another representative stated, “Maybee’s poses or her eyes looking into the camera was skilled, her photo shoot is for the fall special and there are so many beautiful cuts that it will be difficult to pick out a cover photo.”

A representative of Maybee’s agency stated, “Maybee will come back by releasing a new album in September and restart her singing career. You should look out for her new album that will be as great as this recent image change.” 

The photo shoot will be revealed in Maxim Korea’s September Edition.