Great news for fans of Joo Ji Hoon!

The model turned actor is now allowed to appear on MBC after three years since the ban has been set in place. Joo Ji Hoon was previously charged in May 2009 for drug abuse, which was when MBC immediately took action. After much deliberation, the broadcasting station had a meeting on July 22 and decided to allow Joo Ji Hoon to appear through MBC.

It’s been reported that the drama department requested that the station lifts his ban. In order to have him cast in upcoming drama “Medical Top Team,” that’s slated to premiere this October, they requested the review committee for deliberation.

Without Joo Ji Hoon, there are currently thirty celebrities who are still banned by the station including Go Young Wook.

Meanwhile, it’s been revealed that SHINee’s Minho is considering the drama while actors Kwon Sang Woo and Jung Ryeo Won have been confirmed.