Gummy has her comeback stage on today’s Music Core and performs “There Is No Love” , “Because of You” and “As a Man”. f(x) also has their comeback stage on the show with “Nu ABO”.

Watch the Performances

Gummy-  “There Is No Love” , “Because of You” “As a Man”

BEAST – “Special”

2PM – “Without You”

After School – “Bang”

SNSD – “Run Devil Run”

Rain – “Love Song”

Hyori – “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”

f(x) “NU ABO”

Soya n Sun – “Smiling Goodbye”

Secret – “Magic”

ZE:A – “All Day Long”

Jerry w. T-ara HyoMin – “Going to Love”

Paige – “That type of Love”
Yoo SeungChan “Chemistry”
Wink – “Fantastic!”
BooHwal – “Something that I love”
Norazo – “Save Me”


youtube credit: CodeMonmonMixes, UnknownCarrot220