Today. the special MCs for the show are Super Junior’s EunHyuk, f(x)’s Krystal Jung, and After School’s Lizzy.

2NE1 continues their comeback performances and do “Clap Your Hands” and “Can’t Nobody”. Taeyang performs his goodbye stage for “I’ll Be There”.

♬ Comeback stage

2NE1『Clap Your Hands / 박수 쳐 + Can’t Nobody』


V.O.S『Full Story』

Chae DongHa / 채동하『Crazy Days / 하루가 미치고』

♬ Adieu SOLAR

Taeyang 『I’ll be there』 ♬

Hot stage

FT Island『Love Love Love사랑 사랑 사랑』

Son DamBi『dB Rider』

♬ Hot Debut

SAN E(feat.miss A 민)『Tasty San / 맛 좋은 산』

♬ Sweet / 달콤한 Girl Sexy / 섹시한 Girl Cute / 깜찍한 Girl




Sistar『Shady Gurl / 가식걸』


♬ sound-holic

BEG’s Narsha(with Sunny Hill)『Mamma Mia / 맘마미아』

Trax『Oh! My Goddess / 오! 나의 여신님』

ZiA『Laughter / 웃음만..』

♬ Emotion / 감성 in Music / 음중

Eru / 이루『White Tears / 하얀 눈물』

gavy nj『Let’s Stop / 그만하자』

♬ SAY goodbye

$unny Side(feat. Sistar’s SoYu)『Bad Guy Good Girl / 나쁜 남자 착한 여자』


X-Cross『My Luv』