MBC has fired a PD (producing director) after the broadcasting station’s investigation into sexual harassment allegations against the unnamed producing director.

On April 4, an MBC representative stated, “On April 3, we have taken disciplinary measures and have fired the PD.” According to the representative, the producing director had been under investigation since January and was fired after being referred to a personnel committee.

The official reason stated for the disciplinary action was a violation of work rules. However, it appears as though the underlying reason was the sexual harassment investigations.

Last February, a drama PD was temporarily suspended after sexual harassment allegations were made. The producing director had helmed several popular MBC dramas the past year, and was accused of committing acts of sexual harassment against staff members working on the same dramas.

At the time, MBC stated, “It’s very regretful that there are still acts, awareness, and practices of sexual violence within MBC. Until now, we have followed a zero tolerance policy on sexual violence and sexual harassment cases. We will do the same now, and follow the same rules and guidelines to deal with this case.”

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