According to an exclusive report by Ilgan Sports on June 30, MBC is preparing to open up another round of the ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships” for this coming Chuseok holiday.

On June 30, a representative of MBC is said to have revealed that the idol group members that will be taking part in this year’s Chuseok special are set to begin filming in August over a span of two days, from August 10-11. The location for the filming has yet to be decided, and the sports categories have not been determined as of now.

Although the track and field events will remain as is due to the concept of the program, it has not been confirmed whether the other events such as basketball (added during the last Lunar New Year special), futsal, or archery will be changed.

As previous viewer ratings for the “Idol Star Athletics Championships” have continued to prove its popularity over the years, fans are already expressing their anticipation for the upcoming Chuseok special.

Which groups are you hoping to see?

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