MBC’s anticipated “Infinity Challenge West Coast Highway Song Festival” was aired on Saturday. The episode finally revealed each teams’ great work and the audience reaction went explosive that all seven songs swept Korean major online music charts immediately after their release.

The music festival this year features amazing musicians including Jung Jae Hyung, Lee Juk, 10cm, Bada, Psy, Sweet Sorrow and Big Bang’s G-Dragon. The seven cast members are collaborating with these talented musicians to create their own music. Previous episodes showed all members going on a trip together and presenting a little bit of their music to each other, some with hilarious lyrics while some with beautiful ballad melodies.

It appears that the audience loves their music so much that all seven songs are now in the top 10 on Dosirak, Bugs, Mnet, Monkey3 music chart; team GG formed by G-Dragon and Great Park (Park Myun Soo) feat. 2NE1’s Park Bom is now ranked as No.1 on all charts with their song titled “I’m Having an Affair.”

Source: Dosirak+Bugs+Mnet+Monkey3+Baidu