MBC‘s hit variety program “We Got Married” will go into a worldwide production.

On August 6, MBC announced, “MBC and Sony Pictures Entertainment Network Asia (SPENA) discussed the production and direction of ‘We Got Married’ on a global scale.”

On July 18, MBC and SPENA announced that “We Got Married” will be aired in Singapore. Through this, “We Got Married” developed into a worldwide production and it will have as many as 41 international versions including versions in China, Taiwan, India, Australia and more.

The international versions of “We Got Married” will stick closely to the original Korean format where two people will become a made-up couple to meet the joys and challenges of married life with each countries respective cultures. In the past, several Asian countries have criticized the way that Hallyu was being forced upon them. However, this approach will try to embrace the difference in culture while sticking to the original show format.

Despite the rumors of the “We Got Married Curse,” refering to the fact that many “We Got Married” stars ended up in bad news (Nickhun and Alex‘s DUI, T-ara Eunjung‘s bully controversy, etc), popularity for this reality show is seeing no halt and is continuing to be on the rise.