Recently MBK Entertainment founder and music producer Kim Kwang Soo gave an interview where he confirmed his work on “The Unit” and its project groups UNB and UNI.T and why he had kept it under wraps.

As a producer, Kim Kwang Soo also invested about 5.7 billion won (about $5.26 million) into creating the program, with KBS taking the profits from advertisements and downloads. Any return on investment that Kim and his team receive will be from whatever profits UNB and UNI.T make during their promotions. However, half of those profits will go to the members and their agencies.

About how he came to work on “The Unit,” Kim Kwang Soo said, “I’ve worked with producer Han Dong Chul (currently at YG Entertainment) twice before. When I was working with him, he was in talks for a new show about rebooting idols who had not yet achieved the spotlight. I really liked the idea and saw it as an opportunity to reinvent the idols and reinvent myself.”

He continued, “The show didn’t do as well as expected, but I don’t think that just because the show didn’t do well, the idols won’t do well. UNB and UNI.T are part of different agencies but I try to do my best for them. They’ll be able to put out two albums at least and if things go well maybe a third. My goal is to make these idols into a treasure for their original agencies when they return.”

When asked why he kept his substantial involvement in the production a secret, Kim said, “I asked the PD to not put my name anywhere while ‘The Unit’ was on air. I also asked both groups to remove any mention of thanks to me from their albums. I didn’t want to put my name anywhere on the show because I didn’t think it would help the contestants. A lot of prejudice has attached to my name after the T-ara scandal and I am always unconsciously aware that fans dislike me. I’m not afraid but I didn’t want that prejudice to be associated with the contestants.”

He also added, “I feel apologetic to DIA and Shannon and the others, but I think it’s right to focus on UNB and UNI.T now. They only have a limited amount of time together and they need more support.” DIA and Shannon are artists under MBK Entertainment. Kim went on to say, “It’s not that we’re not preparing albums for them at all. DIA and Shannon are continuing to prepare for a comeback and we will work so that they can release music sometime this year.”

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