In the most recent episode of MBC “Our Sunday Night – Kkoom En Deul,” celebrities headed down to a small town Haenam in Jeollanam-do to film a promotional music video for the town’s specialty products, three-legged octopus and wild herbs. 

Before they started filming the promotional video, celebrities had a chance to taste a wild three-legged octopi. When Jung Joo Ri saw MBLAQ‘s Lee Jun ate the freshly caught three-legged octopus, she suggested that they share a octopus leg from each end. She already had one end of an octopus leg in her mouth and Lee Jun reluctantly accepted the other end. As their lips approached each other, Lee Jun frantically chewed off his end.  

Although Jung Joo Ri’s attempt at kissing Lee Jun was unsuccessful, she seemed happy. She said, “Even if I were to gain a million antis, I’m happy!” Comedian Lee Kyung Sil jokingly warned, “Watch out, Joo Ri. Angry fans are going to burn your house down.”