Recently, MBLAQ recorded an episode of JTBC’sIdol Premiere,” where Lee Joon honestly opened up about his frugal lifestyle. During the recording, Lee Joon revealed that he recently bought a house, and that the purchase was only possible because he stuck to his savings principles. According to fellow MBLAQ members, they have “never seen him go shopping.” They also stated that Lee Joon personally visits his clothing sponsors to say hello.

Lee Joon also talked about how he usually writes letters to his girlfriend and that he never gives expensive gifts. He stated, “I probably won’t marry her, and we might break up. So I don’t want to waste my money, and I give her my heart instead.”

Additionally, Lee Joon confessed that he gets obsessed over his girlfriends. He stated, “If my girlfriend ignores my calls because she’s sleeping. I call her until she picks up.  I leave my phone on speakerphone mode and redial her number while I browse my computer.” G.O. added, “Sometimes, I think he just keeps going to break his previous record.” Lee Joon also apologized to his ex-girlfriend, saying, “I’m so sorry. I tried to change. Please forgive me.” However, he admitted that he still would not buy expensive presents for his future girlfriends, drawing laughter among those present. 

JTBC’s “Idol Premiere” featuring MBLAQ will air tonight, March 2, at 8:45PM KST.