MBLAQ’s Lee Joon is well known among his colleagues and fans for his stinginess. However, he managed to surprise netizens once again with just how stingy he is, even with his friends. During a recent recording of KBSHappy Together 3,” Lee Joon revealed, “I collected money I lent my friends during my childhood.” He continued, “I’m famous for saving my money. I got into the habit of saving money in elementary school. When my parents gave me my allowance, I saved 80% of it. If my friends didn’t return the money I lent them borrow, I would personally go visit their homes, say hello to their mothers and explain to them that I’m here to collect.”

Lee Joon added, “Some of my friends’ mothers really liked that and paid me back. That is how I saved up money to buy the house my family lives in today.”

Meanwhile, Lee Joon also appeared on the most recent episode of SBSStrong Heart” where he greeted Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany with a tight embrace. Check out Lee Joon’s full story on “Happy Together 3” tomorrow, April 26, at 11:15PM KST.