Idol group MBLAQ member, Lee Joon, is garnering interest for his past.

On the recently aired episode of MBC “Section TV Entertainment News,” Lee Joon appeared for the corner, “Rising Star,” for an interview.

When a CF video clip was revealed, Lee Joon could not help but to be surprised. The CF video clip was filmed during the idol’s debut days with actress Kim Soo Mi. Lee Joon said, “I was starring as a role of a healthy country guy but the kimchi was so good that I ordered them myself.”

He added, “Okay I’ll reveal all while I’m at it. I was a model for wigs and even underwear.”

The street interview with reporter Park Seul Gi attracted many fans, proving the idol’s popularity. When joking asked if he was the one to leak the information about their location, he answered, “It wasn’t me, it was my stylist.”

The staff jokingly gifted Lee Joon three-combo kimchi friend rice after he revealed that he always receives kimchi fried rice as presents even though it is not his favorite food.