MBLAQ fans rejoice! Recently on February 27, MBLAQ released jacket images for their 3rd official Japanese single “Mona Lisa.” The jacket images were released in 3 different colors. “Black” is meant to represent their strong performances on stage, “White” is meant to represent how gentle they are off stage, and “Vivid” (Magenta) is meant to represent their lively image.

Last year, MBLAQ had a “The BLAQ% Tour” that ran through 6 different countries that include Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore. During the tour “Mona Lisa” had the best response and support from fans. That is why MBLAQ chose to make “Mona Lisa” the third official Japanese track. They have recorded a new version and also have filmed a new music video for Japanese fans.

“Mona Lisa” will be released in Japan on March 27. After the release of the single, MBLAQ plans on having their comeback in Japan.