The members of MBLAQ are giving acting a shot, according to Osen News.

The Dramatic

They recently filmed for a new show called “The Dramatic” that airs on MBC Everyone.

“The Dramatic” is a drama that features various idol groups and their music. Different types of music are featured so audiences can hear lesser known songs, rather than just the popular ones that are overplayed.

Each episode features a band or group, and the members star as the main characters. MBLAQ will star in the first episode. Seungho, Thunder, Mir, and Lee Joon act as kids who are competing to be the school representative. G.O. is reported to have a special part in the episode, and he will appear in various parts.

MBLAQ wore school uniforms for “The Dramatic,” showing off a different side. Apparently, the episode will feature a dance battle and various other shenanigans. The boys were very focused and serious about their work, but also had a good time showing off their comedic sides. “The Dramatic” will air on August 2.

How do you think they will do as actors?