MBLAQ has been spotted on set for the upcoming drama, “The Strongest K-Pop Survival.

MBLAQ will be making a special appearance in the drama, according to sources on March 15. The drama is already picking up interest due to Go Eun Ah’s surprising transformation and Park Yoo Hwan’s unexpected acting skills.

MBLAQ is widely known for their exceptional singing and dancing skills. They were also recently acknowledged for their variety skills, especially Lee Joon. Therefore, much interest is being put in MBLAQ’s appearance, especially with Mir being Go Eun Ah’s younger brother.

MBLAQ will be playing the original members of the fictional band, m1 and the sunbaes of Park Yoo Hwan (who is playing the role of Kang Woo Hyun), who is the leader of the new band, m2.

Many are excited to see the brother-sister combo of Go Eun Ah and Mir on screen. Go Eun Ah plays Ji Seung Yeon, who dreams of becoming a hip-hop artist. It is reported that she asked Mir for help and advice on her particular role, which displayed their strong familial ties. They are said to have shown perfect chemistry, which even drew applause from the staff members.

Go Eun Ah said, “It was so new to see Mir on set. I feel like we earned a secure support group by having the boys of MBLAQ join us. I hope that the MBLAQ fans will give much love to our drama so our ratings will be high!”

“The Strongest K-Pop Survival” is even more highly anticipated now, due to MBLAQ’s appearance. It will first air on March 19.