MBLAQ will be touring six cities in Asia, it is the first time since their debut which was three years ago! A representative of CJ E&M stated on April 4, “MBLAQ will begin their Asian tour ‘THE BLAQ% TOUR’ in Jakarta and then will move on to 5 other cities.”

MBLAQ stated, “We are so nervous about our first Asian tour, we also feel a lot of responsibility.”

Their agency stated, “Even after the busy promotions for their 4th mini album ‘BLAQ% Ver,’ MBLAQ has been preparing hard for their Asian tour. All the members are planning on giving their all for the tour. MBLAQ will show performances that will set the bar higher for K-Pop.”

MBLAQ’s leader Seung Ho stated, “Since our debut we had the dreams and goal of an Asian tour. We are happy that we have taken a step forward towards that dream.” G.O stated, “We will have performances that make people say, ‘That is definitely MBLAQ.’ Until now we have only received love from fans. This will be an opportunity for us to give back to fans.”