MBLAQ released a photobook, revealing all the BTS moments from their previous concert “Men In MBLAQ.” In the revealed cover, all five members of MBLAQ transformed into secret agents, wearing black sunglasses, black suits, and black ties, just like Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones from the movie “Men In Black.”

Previously in August 2011, MBLAQ had their first concert “Men in MBLAQ” in Seoul and garnered much attention from fans domestically and internationally. However, not all fans could join MBLAQ in this festivity as the concert was a one day event, resulting in many frustrated fans who did not get a chance to see MBLAQ’s concert. MBLAQ decided to release this photobook to comfort such frustrated fans. 

An official from MBLAQ’s agency commented, “The photobook brings out all the behind-the-scene secrets, along with powerful and sexy practice scenes. Fans will be able to see a new side of MBLAQ that has not been revealed previously.”    

Currently, MBLAQ is diligently preparing for their upcoming tour concerts in six Asian countries, starting with Jakarta, Indonesia on June 30.