Idol group MBLAQ, who received a lot of attention even before their debut for being created by singer Rain, revealed the rigorous training they underwent during their trainee days. 

On the recent episode of JTBC’s “Park Kyung Lim’s Oh Happy Day” the MBLAQ members discussed Rain’s strict practice system. 

The members revealed, “Back then and even now, we cannot compete with Rain sunbae’s stamina and muscular strength.” Furthermore, G.O stated, “Back then, we practiced for 14-15 hours a day without receiving a single glass of water,” and recalled the group’s painful experience. 

Seung Ho added, “However, Rain sunbae also danced with us and didn’t drink water so we couldn’t complain.”

In addition, the members revealed that they didn’t get air conditioning even during the hot summer days. G.O commented, “I think Rain sunbae has a lot of water inside his body,” bringing laughter to the set. This episode will be broadcasted on March 19th at 9:40am KST.